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Since my favorite fan site has supposedly made it so that authors cannot reply to their reviews, I will use this site to reply to comments on my own stories, thus saving myself from being banned from the site.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Responses for "Chihiro's Mistake" Ch. 2

L8infinity- Are you kidding? Those pigs for got that they had been a different SPECIES! Nah, they're not worried. I doubt they would remember her. As for Yubaba putting up a fight, I'm intending to make this story as original as possible and I wanted to make fun of her. Don't sue me, I'm broke.

Russet W.- See your inbox. I sent you a personal response.

redgrrl- Glad you like!

Yuni-Ulrich4ever- Updated!

The True Weirdian- Don't worry. I fully intend to finish this one. It just may take a while.

mudblood101- Nope. It's not.

scarlettwhisper- Glad you enjoy it! Here's chapter 3.

NardittyNar- Updated!

Crystalz Tearz- Thank you! I try. Cliches get a bit old.